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It's an amazing program! I've never been so intrigued about a class, especially having am awesome lecturer who makes sure we're equipped in every way❤‍🔥. We are so grateful.🙌
Shameka Lopez
The instructors are patient, very friendly and always accessible. Various methods of teaching are used to help those that are more practical learners🙂...such as myself, all of which create a very fulfilled learning environment. I would definitely recommend 💯.
Kethann Saunders
I appreciate your eager to teach us. All hours of the night you send us notes to ensure we study. If we don't understand something you would go over it 20 times if you have to. I appreciate your patience. I love the way you incorporate Biblical lessons. We all go through things and sometimes we need a reminder or motivation. You definitely come through on that. You are loving, kind, I felt like I've known you for years lol. You are a special person I would always want to keep in contact with. I am excited about class and I carry the same spirit at work. Thank you Ms. Miller for being such a wonderful person❤️.
Kristal Thompson
We appreciate how you always go the extra mile for us. I’m sure everyone of us learned so much in just one month. I just recommended this course to a patient this morning she came with a lot of questions. 10/10.. would definitely recommend!
Bryanniah Bain