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We exist to train and release compassionate, competent, and efficient medical professionals who Elevate the standard of healthcare globally.

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Learn to draw blood from a vein using ETS, hypodermic and winged infusion needles.

Basic Life Support

Equip yourself to save a life in distress by attaining Certification from The American Heart Association.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Learn the manual method to take blood pressure and correlate the practical to the theory learned.

Glucose Monitoring

Learn the skills of capillary punctures as you ascertain glucose readings.

My journey at PMI has been truly an invaluable experience via online and in-person lecturers and hands-on labs. My success would not have been possible without my lecturers; always encouraging me to do more that shows my true abilities. They are eager to help and genuinely interested in sharing their expertise - one of the motivating factors that keeps me going. "Starting something with challenges builds strength while ending it with a success story inspires perseverance." Unknown
Petralee Roker-Kelly
I’m having an amazing experience with PMI; just 3 weeks in. PMI has wonderful instructors who are very knowledgeable about the field, kind and courteous. I would recommend PMI to anyone who is interested in becoming a Registered Phlebotomist.
Amanda Henfield
I am so pleased with the amount of actual experience drawing blood. I feel confident on my journey of becoming a phlebotomist.The course was great! It was fun and informative and we got a lot of experience and knowledge; the curriculum was straight forward. I highly recommend The Phlebotomy Mastery Institute.
Anell Walkes
My experience with The Phlebotomy Mastery Institute was nothing short of phenomenal. Ms. Miller is an amazing lecturer and she alongside her counterparts were extremely informative. She worked exceedingly hard to ensure every student understood the content and hands on aspects of the course. I enjoyed every part of the course and learnt a lot more apart from phlebotomy. After completing the course I was well equipped for my American Medical Technologists RPT examination and aced it. (98%) I would recommend anyone to take a course with The Phlebotomy Mastery Institute.
Adrianna Sturrup-Knowles RPT
Past student

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